Perpetrators of Planned Overthrow of Canada


Active Measures — The Four Stages:

1. Demoralization:

2. Destabilization:

3. Crisis:

4. Normalization:

0. Infiltration and Subversion:

OO0. Infiltration and Subversion:

Attempts at Dismantling:
1980, 1987, 1992, 1995, 1996-1998

3. Parliamentary Overthrow (1982)
(Imposition of a Foreign (UN) Constitution

4. Vertical Integration:
WWI, WWII, auto pact, fta, nafta, flag change, name change, SPP, etc.

International Aspects: GATT, WTO, UN/IMF, etc.


The fact which nobody knows, and which is essential to know in order to see events clearly in Canada, rests on constitutional law. That fact is this:

“” [deny power secede, annex]

Shock and disbelief upon this discovery give way to a calm recognition that Canada has been run backwards for decades. “Secession” has become  “supreme law” in Canada, despite the constitutional prohibition of all power to do so.

How has this happened? Who has been instrumental? What is the remedy?  These questions all follow on a review of the historical stages of the destabilization of Canada for a Soviet-style regional union with USA and Mexico.


(Best info available suggests this footage first aired in 1975)

“WWII was started by Hitler, Stalin and American multinationals, “Useful Idiot” University Professors, Leftists & Homosexuals will be lined up against a wall and shot.”

The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion:

Demoralization: 15-20 years to eradicate morals in youth and train them in Marxist thinking. Positions of power in government, civil service, business, the educational system . . . occupied by Leftists, Dissidents and half-baked intellectuals. Essentially complete now in US (& Canada!!!). Irreversible within a generation.

Destabilization of economy, foreign relations & defense systems: 2 – 5 years.
(Soviet Prime Minister Lester Pearson began this with his National Defence Minister Paul Hellyer; Trudeau continued it. KM /HCC)

Crisis: perhaps only 6 weeks

Normalization: Shooting the Dissidents & Useful Idiots, taking power.

And this is what awaits the Jack Laytons and the Dawn Blacks and the other “useful idiot” collaborators with the SOVIET-PENETRATED SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL. KM/HCC