New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) Exposed as Communists (Guest Video by “Seeing Red Yet?”)

Guest video by Seeing Red Yet? A Progressive Look at Cultural Marxism


Tactic: sacrifice the occasional Communist immigrant to keep up appearances

Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Joe Clark, the only two names we currently know for sure, squelched RCMP files on Trudeau himself, and on the Gouzenko revelations (much of which were never brought to light), and the “Featherbed File” on suspected Communist subversives in Canada’s federal government and civil service. They squelched them officially with Orders in Council in 1979, which were likely repeated in subsequent years by subsequent governments.

They moreover squelched information going back decades to the 1920s when Oscar D. Skelton, a Soviet Comintern agent, was made the “father” of Canada’s civil service, and the Prime Minister’s closest adviser. Skelton staffed Canada’s civil service with Marxists and Marxist sympathizers! We know this from a former undercover RCMP officer, Patrick Walsh, who exposed these facts in 1982, including the fact that the documented information has all been squelched by our “government”.

We know the RCMP suspected Trudeau. We know Trudeau led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952. We know Trudeau appointed Soviet agents to high-level positions in the federal government and civil service, Jean-Louis Gagnon for one, who was exposed in the Gouzenko revelations. A future friend of Trudeau’s, Mitchell Sharp (later of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission) helped Gagnon escape to Brazil and gave him a job at Brazilian Traction, thus keeping Soviet agent Gagnon out of reach of the “royal commission” while the Gouzenko hearings proceeded, unable to force him to appear. And when the smoke cleared, they brought Gagnon back and put him into government!

We know the CIA suspected Lester Bowles Pearson while Pearson was exercising the office of Prime Minister — but the FBI had a file on Pearson going back to 1951 confirming he was a Soviet agent handing high-level secrets to Soviet military intelligence. Do the FBI and the CIA not keep track of their own paperwork? Or, are they, too, full of Communists and Soviet agents?

All that information and more has been squelched for decades while those men proceeded to take this country into a continental nose-dive towards illegal referendums in Quebec under the Communist Parti Québécois to dismantle Canada for the top half of the Communist continental regional union: i.e., merger with USA and Mexico disguised as “trade deals”. That merger is on the model of what Mikhail Gorbachev has called the “New European Soviet“. We are going to get the “New North American Soviet“.

Therefore, today, while Canada is actively being annexed to the USA and Mexico in a Leninist-Stalinist regional union on the pretext of 9/11 to complete the initial stages of integration begun with the Auto Pact (Pearson), the FTA and NAFTA (Trudeau and Mulroney), we are fed this pablum by our incompetent and controlled “News” media, implying this hapless “Charlie Chan” is our number one “suspect”?

What is most worth investigating about this Chinese fall-guy is not merely his links to the Communist Party of China, but the fact he’s with the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) which is and has always been a full member of the Socialist International (SI), adhering to all its principles, including the 1962 Oslo Declaration:

The ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing less than world government. As a first step towards it, they seek to strengthen the United Nations so that it may become more and more effective as an instrument for maintaining peace.”

The whole NDP is Communist, never mind “members” of it! The NDP (from which pro-Soviet Trudeau emerged before he leaped to the Liberals where he carried out NDP Communist policy), are socialists, are Communists, just like the Parti Québécois with its hidden French-only 1972 manifesto calling for a Communist state of Quebec with centralized planning, production, worker self-management, the elimination of private enterprise, and the “extirpation” of “individual liberty”.

The NDP even has a hidden party constitution which plans to abolish private property! They even have an NDP “Socialist Caucus” (it’s Communist!) with the logo of the Socialist International (SI) on it, of which the entire NDP is and has always been a full member.

Trudeau's Socialist Rose

Trudeau’s Socialist Rose

Socialist Rose

Socialist Rose

If you ever wondered why Pierre Elliott Trudeau always wore a rose in his lapel, it’s not because he was an over-aged bachelor. It was because he was a Socialist from the NDP, and the rose is from the Socialist International… all of whose member parties are traitors to their own nations who work for a foreign power with a view to destroying these nations for Communist regional government.

Why do you think John English, Trudeau’s colleague and fellow member of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is doing world government for the Zionist banks) entitled his biography of Trudeau, “Citizen of the World“?  Just because Trudeau was a world traveller?  Or because Trudeau, the socialist NDP’er in Liberal clothing, was restructuring Canada — and America — with a little help from his leftist friends in the American CFR — for Communist regional union under world government.

This is the real NDP. And they are not Mom’s apple pie. In fact, in their “socialist Canada”, Mom’s apple pie will be rationed, its production curtailed or even eliminated. Mom will then be eliminated.

A Communist regional union is unfolding in North America on the way to a Communist world government.

But how can you even take CSIS seriously?

How can you even ask CSIS to investigate anything?

There has never been any investigation into the real extent of the Soviet penetration of Canada. Those who penetrated came in from the top-down and squelched all prospect of a real investigation of themselves because they were wielding the levers of power.

They no doubt also  staffed Canada’s CSIS — like the rest of the cream of our federal crop — with still more agents of the Soviet Cominern… who are using this Chinese NDP “member of parliament” as their fall-guy to make it look like they are really investigating something, and really protecting Canada.

Exposing this Chinese NDP guy is a CSIS charade!

It’s obviously calculated to make the current usurpation of Constitutional government in Canada, the government of “Red” Harper who finances radical Communists in Quebec illegally with federal taxpayers’ money to the tune of millions, look like Mom’s apple pie. How Canadian!

They are brilliant. They are sacrificing a couple of Chinese Communist agents to make themselves look innocent. This is the wolf in wolf’s clothing!

What Canada needs is to open the Featherbed File, open all those Gouzenko files that were squelched, open Trudeau’s RCMP file, please, and do it quickly before the current de facto “government” completes the Communist regional union under the upcoming Communist one-world government at the UN, which Louis Saint-Laurent (erstwhile Rhodes Scholar*) himself in 1946 called “the basis of the world government”.


* Saint -Laurent received the offer of a Rhodes Scholarship, but turned it down at the time because of personal obligations. The source of this information is the French version of J. W. Pickersgill’s biography of the man published in 1983 by Lidec (ISBN 2-7608-7006-5), entitled, appropriately enough: Louis Saint-Laurent. Middle of page 9: “Devinant que le moment était venu de gagner sa vie, Saint-Laurent déclina l’offre et suggéra à Barbeau de se porter candidat à sa place.” Translation: “Guessing that the moment had arrived for him to earn a living, St -Laurent declined the offer and suggested to Barbeau that he become a candidate to replace him.”


One response to “New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) Exposed as Communists (Guest Video by “Seeing Red Yet?”)

  1. Amazing read. Wish more people knew this. Always suspected the NDP and Pierre trudeau as being terrible for Canada. They are taking over! Canada needs to fight back .

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