“The Man-Wolf” in a Political Manifesto of the Parti Québécois Calling for “A New Social Model”

The Man-Wolf in a Political Manifesto Calling for A New Social Model

A new segment of my exclusive English translation of the 1972 manifesto of the Parti Québécois for a Communist state of Quebec has been added to the Library tab. Pages 29 through 38 cover two chapters and contain some startling information for researchers into the “New World Order”.

In the chapter entitled “Toward a new social model”, the concept of “The Man-Wolf” in a political manifesto is odd enough. However, it might be a Marxist allegory, because I have seen it elsewhere, if only once in a socialist context. More odd, that metaphor is linked to a seemingly esoteric or religious idea of man as a “perfectible being”. The few paragraphs under this heading are enigmatic, and conclude with the following assertion:

Il faut extirper autant et aussi vite que possible, cette fausse idée de la liberté individuelle, qui n’aboutit en pratique qu’à la liberté du renard dans le poulailler, du fort aux dépens du faible, du gros aux dépens du petit, et qu’on reconnaît dans la plupart des refrains qui chantent les attraits les plus douteux du statu quo.”

“It is necessary to extirpate as much and as rapidly as possible, this false idea of individual liberty, which in practice is tantamount to the liberty of the fox in the hen-house, of the strong at the expense of the weak, of the large at the expense of the small, and which one recognizes in the majority of refrains which extol the most dubious attractions of the status quo.”

As we might fully expect from various stripes of Communists, personal liberty is on its way out; yet the manifesto equates the “new social model” with freedom and “fertile self-determination”.

The rather chilling spectre hovering perceptibly across these paragraphs is the implication of some kind of State-imposed and State-enforced individual and group (“community”) “evolution” in the Darwinian sense, which in my mind seems to invoke the 1946 Unesco: its purpose and its philosophy, penned by Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous (the LSD researcher and author of Brave New World, 1931), calling for some kind of worldwide controlled human “evolution” to a higher stage.

My impression of this potential link of the 1972 manifesto to the UN is underscored by the fact that the tactic of setting up the Parti Québécois emerges from the same nexus of people around Cité Libre review in the 1950s, described by Quebec historian Robert Rumilly. That group were closely affiliated with the Esprit group in France around Emmanuel Mounier and Jacques Maritaine, whose names appear in a search of the UNESCO web site. I may write more about this another day.

Also of interest are the various references to redesigned municipalities, and concerns with regions or regionalism. These might be expected in a Communist context where nations are gradually eroded toward a “world state” in which nothing would remain but cities and regions.

Read my new English segment of the 1972 Parti Québécois manifesto for a Communist State of Quebec,(Quand nous serons vraiment chez nous). These are pages 29-38, including the chapters entitled “Political organization” and “Toward a new social model.

If you read French, I’ve scanned the original 1972 manifesto and put it online here:

Quand Nous Serons Vraiment Chez Nous 1972

Unfortunately, Calaméo no longer allows free downloads. I’m trying to find somewhere else to provide these documents to you, free of charge.

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UPDATE: FREE DOWNLOAD now available for researchers:


The 7zip folder contains: (1) the AUDIO TAPE of the French CBC radio show discussing the Manifesto; (2) The Table of Contents of the Manifesto (Translated); (3) an 18-MB PDF file of the manifesto (scanned at the law library of the French University of Montreal; (4) an OCR of the manifesto

QUAND – The PQ Manifesto – PDF file & OCR.zip


QUAND – The PQ Manifesto – PDF file & OCR.zip





One response to ““The Man-Wolf” in a Political Manifesto of the Parti Québécois Calling for “A New Social Model”

  1. Have found an amazing article entitled “Webb of Lies” by Wendy McElroy which appears to shed light on the odd recurrence of the word “evolution” coupled with social control (“extirpation” of “individual liberty”) in the Communist Parti Québécois manifesto of 1972:


    As I point out in the post above (“The Man-Wolf” in a Political Manifesto of the Parti Québécois Calling for “A New Social Model”), the section of the PQ manifesto entitled “The Man-Wolf” seems to be linked to notions in the core philosophy of UNESCO. With that in mind, McElroy says:

    “Soviet communism openly advocated using violence in order to create the “new Soviet man“– an evolved human being whose nature would conform to a collectivist ideal. This man, multiplied by millions, would constitute a brave new society dedicated to a common goal and acting as though directed by a single will. In short, Soviet communists wanted to reprogram human nature.”

    The PQ manifesto in the section “The Man-Wolf” also wants to reprogram human nature!

    McElroy again:

    ““The notion of an individual, say the critics, is an empty abstraction.” To fill this abstraction, to mold it into an ideal man, it was necessary to control absolutely the society that would define him. If he resisted redefinition, he could be eliminated.”

    The PQ manifesto speaks of “a new social model”, not merely a new economic model.

    McElroy speaks of an “attempt to speed up and direct evolution”. But, that’s exactly what is going on in Julian Huxley’s 1946 “Unesco: its purpose and its philosophy”. UNESCO, by seizing control of all branches of human endeavor is (supposedly) attempting to control human evolution to a “higher” stage. However, this is nonsensical. To guide human evolution (which is still a theory and not a fact), you yourself would have to have reached and “seen” this alleged advanced level, or else have the benefit of time travel, to be able to guide others to it.

    This is snake-oil for sale… and I am betting all this “evolution” talk is a front similar to the climate scam (alleged man-made global warming) being used to control every aspect of human life on the basis of a phony “carbon footprint”.

    Now, I think this Marxist pig-in-a-poke of the “new Soviet man” is exactly what is going on in the Parti Québécois 1972 manifesto. And those promoting it are dupes.

    I moreover think that the real agenda behind the curtain of “speeding up” and “directing human evolution” would be the inverse of creating a higher being. The violent social controls imposed would tend to cause a widespread reduction of all people to the lowest common denominator by encouraging group-think instead of uniqueness and achievement. But, the human race as a whole has generally benefited from the work and ideas of individuals who break moulds, rather than fit into them.

    In light of the revelations of Wendy McElroy concerning Marxism, not only is the PQ manifesto Communist, but so is UNESCO! Aha! World Communism brought to you by your local social controller, the Parti Québécois.

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