Striking a Blow for Validated Criticism

The following is a copy of a message I just sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama.

TO: Southern Poverty Law Center

Saturday, 22 March 2014 Gy2 7h03 am


I’m writing to you from Canada. I just stumbled over your page while researching something else, and I see you’ve mentioned Cliff Kincaid. We’re not friends, but I’m familiar with him from inside Facebook.

I am not writing to speak for or against Cliff Kincaid, nor defending any particular ideology at the moment. However, you made this comment about Mr. Kincaid:

Southern Poverty Law Center

Southern Poverty Law Center

“Marxist elements have hijacked the Roman Catholic Church in order to facilitate a “foreign invasion of the U.S.”

— with the apparent implication that the concept of a Marxist invasion of a country launched through the Catholic Church is untenable.

In fact, the notion of a Marxist invasion of the Catholic Church is not untenable. Marxists in France set up a Marxist-Catholic movement decades ago around a review called ESPRIT, first published in France in October 1932, and featuring a favorable review of a trip behind the so-called Iron Curtain. You can find that magazine on the intranet of any half-decent university library. It’s available online at the University of Montreal, I presume you’ve got access to it somewhere down there. Of course, you would have to read French.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to see this from where you are, but this is a link to the U of Montreal’s French library catalog, showing ESPRIT published in Paris in 1932:

Now, in 1956, in Montreal, a Quebec historian by the name of Robert Rumilly, writing in French, produced two eye-witness books in which he documents the invasion of Canada and French Canada by a leftist group from France, organized around that same Marxist magazine founded in October 1932, and which billed itself as a new brand of Catholic, i.e. “Catholic of the Left”. His critics also labelled him “extreme” right. Although you seem to be suggesting that Mr. Kincaid is “extreme” in this case simply because he alleges a Marxist invasion of the Catholic Church. Mr. Rumilly could prove the invasion, and they still called him “extreme”.

I think it is unscholarly on your part to condemn anyone’s viewpoint — in this case Mr. Kincaid’s alleged viewpoint — on the invasion of the Catholic Church by Marxists as their route into a USA takeover given the abundant evidence that such attempts do happen. They happened in France, and in Quebec.

Your condemnation is all the more hollow, as you simply haven’t even tried to substantiate it. However, the existence of ESPRIT magazine going back 82 years in France and its easily confirmed promotion of Marxist ideology in the Catholic milieu; and the use of that movement to bring a similar Marxist-Catholic thrust into Canada around a “sister” publication known as “CITE LIBRE” (French for Free City), proves you are way off base in your criticism of Mr. Kincaid’s alleged viewpoint.

The Rumilly books are substantiation at least for the fact that the Catholic Church has indeed been targeted by people who claim to be Catholics with a mysterious source of substantial financing, and who transmit Marxist ideology to Catholics by linking it to religious sentiment.

Rumilly’s views are based on his on-the-spot documentation of precisely this kind of Marxist infiltration using the Catholic Church in France, and then exporting their methods to Canada.

I am translating Rumilly’s main book (L’Infiltration gauchiste au Canada francais) (The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada) into English. A couple of chapters are done, and I’ve posted them online, where you’d be free to read them.

The chapters are linked to that post which introduces them, and there are 3 links at the bottom where you can download the scans to Rumilly’s French books.

The fact that the principal French publication criticized by Rumilly, ESPRIT, bills itself as both CATHOLIC and MARXIST, would tend to pull the carpet out from under your implied denial in the case of Mr. Kincaid, that the Catholic Church is not/could not be infiltrated by Marxists pushing Marxist ideology to launch an invasion.

Kind regards,
Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union

– 30 –

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