Fantastic Discovery: The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada by Robert Rumilly (1956)


There are two important writers concerning the contamination of Canada by Communism. One is Allan Stang, and the other is Robert Rumilly.

Infiltration GauchisteIn 1956, fifteen years before Allan Stang published CANADA – How The Communists Took Control, French Quebec historian, Robert Rumilly, intercepted and documented the very same ring of Communists as they were setting up shop in Quebec.

Rumilly published the results of his investigation in French under the title L’Infiltration gauchiste au Canada français (The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada).

Rumilly’s work adds new facts and names to those disclosed by Stang, such as LE DEVOIR editor, ANDRE LAURENDEAU, and the INSTITUT CANADIEN DES AFFAIRES PUBLIQUES (Can­a­di­an In­sti­tute of Pub­lic Af­fairs). At the same time, many of those known to Stang appear in Rumilly’s pages, such as PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU and JEAN-LOUIS GAGNON.

I am giving you all that I have translated so far of Rumilly’s “Notebook No. 1”, which I am gradually putting into English in the form of a web site dedicated to Rumilly’s work on the communist infiltration of Canada. I will notify you of the launch.

Exclusive Preview:

I now give you Mr. Robert Rumilly in my own exclusive English translation of excerpts from his:

Book I – The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada

I don’t know how long files at ZippyShare stay online, but if you want to read Rumilly in French, the scans are here of his two books discussed in the Extended Foreword to my English translation, featured here at NoSnow. The files are self-executing, meaning they pop open when you click on them:

1. File: Rumilly, Cahier No 1, L’Infiltration.exe

2. File: Rumilly, Cahier No 2, La Tactique.exe

And a third, small book that Rumilly mentions in the other books:
3. File: Rumilly, Confidentiel.exe

– – –

Si vous préférez les fichiers sous format zip, j’utilise 7zip, c’est gratuit :

1. Rumilly, Cahier No 1, L’Infiltration.7z

2. Rumilly, Cahier No 2, La Tactique.7z

3. Rumilly, Confidentiel.7z


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