The Communist Parasite

Dedicated especially to Pierre Elliott Trudeau and other so-called “Liberals”, but written with the Socialists in mind in the Côte-des-Neiges area.

The Communist (Leftist) is a parasite.

Convinced of his own superiority, the Communist (Leftist) is like a narcissistic young Stalin, determined to destroy anyone who does not reflect back to him the perfect image of his own illusion of his own superiority.

The Communist parasite produces nothing. He does not increase the Gross National Product: he steals it. He busies himself collecting or appropriating the property of others, earned by others in the course of their real labor which has created real value; but he, himself creates no value.

Your Communist Benefactor

Your Communist Benefactor

He cleverly secretes himself into “charitable” organizations and “friendly” societies where he siphons off the Gross National Product of the People through direct and indirect means: on the one hand, he pays no taxes to run his “charitable” business: your Government supports him; you support him.

On the other hand, he taxes you by demanding your “charity” so that gathering to himself all you have earned, and all you have created — for him to hoard and “redistribute” as he, and he alone sees fit — he can then call himself Society’s Benefactor.

The image and the power of the Communist (Leftist) are entirely based on what he takes or is able to con from others. For, he, himself, is a useless slug, intoxicated by the stench of rot arising all around him from the holes he bores through decent, normal society. He insists that you are mentally ill if you refuse to recognize his putrid smell as the perfume of his own superiority. You must ennoble and elevate his all-pervading Transcdendent Parasitism.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite takes from others and he redistributes: he does nothing less, and no more. And for this act of appropriation, and most frequently of misappropriation — which in his ideal state rises to his own Totalitarianism — he therefore orders, demands, and compels your adoration. He demands moreover that you, the People, confuse licence with Liberty on the one hand, and slavery with Liberty on the other: his license, your slavery.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is his own religion; he is your religion. He is all relative things to all confused and befuddled People. He is the Narcissistic Maladjusted Worm, living off you, your sisters and your brothers, and making you thank him for it. All hail the Worm!

Communism – Leftism – is a mental illness with its own political movement. Consistent with its own illegitimacy, it often rises to violence: both open violence and secret violence. When in power, this parasitic terror declares all normal mental and emotional activity to be a mental illness; he condemns it, to elevate his own universal sickness to the status of normality. He covers himself in Lies. He, himself, is the Absolute Lie.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite, having egotistically taken anything of value earned by others in the course of their real labor, “redistributes” it in tiny dosages, for which his beneficiaries must get down on their knees in gratitude. Except for himself, of course, who takes the largest dose off the top, and which he measures out to himself at his own discretion: a salary and benefits and a fine house, and anything he can steal from the donations of the People, rationalizing his thefts in the light of his own Great Superiority.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is without equal (which is ironic). He is The Prince. He is the Great Machiavelli. He rewards himself for his unparalleled Machiavellian generosity in earning absolutely nothing, while thieving from others, and while deigning to give to you just enough of what he has stolen, to keep you breathing and him on top.

The narcissistic Communist (Leftist) gives himself a fine house which he hasn’t earned, and where he fornicates hedonistically with all comers in all orifices to flatter himself for his own generosity in redistributing what he has stolen or conned from others. His good name (while he is still embedded in the provisional society he is working to destroy — because, he, himself being useless, has supreme contempt for anyone and anything that is useful —) proceeds entirely from the false image that he gives himself of “Social Benefactor”.

The Communist, being a narcissist who denies the validity of the views of others — that is, of those who have produced what he steals and whose society and culture he is bent upon destroying — is manically compelled to brutally defend his narcissism as normality against the normal standards of the hard-working people who are his victims.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is sly: he preaches “tolerance” for “the views of others” (he means his own views), but, he, himself, is supremely intolerant of your views unless they conform to his views.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite alters the dictionary. Words no longer mean what they are supposed to mean. Sense is now non-sense. Real sense becomes inconceivable. He thus alters the fundamental tools of logic and baffles the ability to reason, and thus to oust him.

The Communist (Leftist) is a pervert and a hedonist, who to defend his own perversion and his own hedonism, feels compelled to attack the healthy normalcy of others by labelling it abnormal. He must remould the world in his godly image of perversity and hedonism which knows no limits, to make his own perversion thus appear normal. He replaces Liberty with licentiousness. He replaces Freedom with slavery. He erects Worm Rights Tribunals to impose the slavery and to condemn the real independence and the true Liberty of the People.

The Communist is a parasite and a destroyer of all social standards of hard work, decency and self-reliance that might keep him from becoming the Ultimate Parasite: The Worm Who Rules The World.

He is not merely a symbol of decay, he is decay. He has the worm’s instinctive drive towards infiltration, and in all the holes he bores through decent, moral and ethical society, he leaves behind his rot and corruption.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite hates the Law, for true Law is made by the People through their elected representatives whom they may dismiss at will for perverting the Common Good to their own ends, or for Corruption. But Corruption and the self-serving perversion of the Common Good are the entire Being of the Communist. In his Universe, he is Everything; and without him, you are nothingness.

The Communist parasite hates the Rule of Law. He supremely hates all Constitutions, which are the Supreme Law of the People. Being a narcissist, he can respect no law but his own, which is arbitrary, flagrant and organized debauchery and corruption. He can tolerate no Parliament but the parliament of himself.

Thus, for the Communist parasite, the Law, too, must be infiltrated and perverted against the People to compel them through facetious “Human” (Worm Rights Tribunals) to worship the Worm and his theft and his hedonism, and to hand over damages to him, if they fail to worship his Worm regime.

Thus, the Communist (Leftist) parasite destroys the real Rule of Law and the Constitution, which he replaces with Social Engineering. To do this, he buys or corrupts the politicians and the Judges, or better yet, he lies his own way into office under false oaths where he then chronically deceives the People, while convincing them — as usual — that he, and he alone is their Social Benefactor. He invades all the Parties; he perverts them to his own Leftist, parasitic ends. He does this, he tells himself, for the “Benefit” of the People, which the People themselves are too stupid to know.

He exploits his stolen office to promote real Worms to be the Judges of the People. He, who is now the Executive Worm, orders his Worm Judges to pervert and preferably to replace the real Constitution of the People by twisting and turning the real Rule of Law into worm convolutions until it is no longer the Law, but has the name of Law, and thus can be imposed upon the People. Worm Law thus becomes a parasitic mimicry of real Law, which his Worm Judges now impose as “supreme law” upon The Worm’s poor, befuddled, oppressed and beleaguered victims, the People.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is a fraud and a sham whose excesses know no limitation. He is Absolute Fraud. He is an Absolute Sham, whose only occupation is self-absorption. His only religion, to which he must bend all inferiors at all cost — that is, their cost, is his adoration.

Refuse to worship The Worm at your own peril! For he is the Conqueror Worm, the Killer Worm, the Sneak Worm, who in battalion with his sly Worm Compatriots, seeks to destroy all who in his judgment, and his alone — he being perfect and above all Law — must be slyly stalked, harassed, defamed and intolerated, and ulimately disposed of, by his cunning system of destruction of the Truth, and of Decency, and of normal light-of-day operations. For, the People must never be allowed to see what he is really up to, while he spirits away his “enemies” — those who are onto him and who know him — into his Dark Boundless Hole.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is not only in the hole, he is the hole. He is the Dark Hole. He is the Alpha and Omega of unending Darkness. He is the Devil Saviour of his victims, the People. And in his Hole, which he both is and occupies, the shadows are Light, Truth is deception, sedition is Right, and Freedom and all its mechanisms — which are dangerous to his own unilateral imposition of his own unilteral and sly, totalitarian decay — are evaded, invaded and overthrown.

He alone says who lives, who dies; he alone kills, he alone gives life.

Throw the Worm Out! Depose the Sly Conqueror Worm! He is the self-serving, lying two-faced enemy of the People whose interests he pretends to serve while serving none but his own. He is the Universal Ultimate Criminal.

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American WORM Union
Montreal, Friday, 11 May 2012

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