The Featherbed File: Trudeau Squelches Own RCMP File

INSIDE THE FEATHERBED FILE: Treason in the Civil Service
by RCMP Undercover Officer Patrick Walsh


Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

It was his home-town publication, The Gazette, which pinpointed how secret Orders-in-Council were used by Trudeau to ensure that the new Prime Minister Joe Clark would be bamboozled into an agreement whereby the hitherto unpublished portions of the Gouzenko report as well as the subsequent Featherbed File remained sealed for at least 20 years.

Following, are excerpts from a report published in the 1 October 1979 issue of The Montreal Gazette:

In a secret Order-in-Council issued in his last days as Prime Minister, PierreTrudeau ordered all the police intelligence files on him and his Cabinet colleagues be sealed for at least 20 years, The Gazette has learned.

The files were part of a top-secret investigation called ‘Operation Featherbed’ that was started by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the early 1960s.

Prime Minister Joe Clark agreed in a letter dated June 2 that Trudeau’s final Order-in-Council would be respected, an undertaking which has angered some Conservative MPs.

Repeated efforts by Trudeau and other senior Liberals to gain access to the Featherbed files were turned down by the RCMP security branch. But senior members of the security service have told the Gazette that the files include material on the private lives of influential Canadian figures, their past political affiliations, contacts with agents of foreign powers, private weaknesses or vices and even sexual practices. [Emphasis added]

Trudeau’s decision to issue an Order-in-Council sealing this Featherbed material just four days after the last federal election, but while he was still Prime Minister, also brought sharp rebukes from his former Cabinet colleagues.

There was such an uproar from backbenchers in the short-lived Clark government over this ‘Operation Cover-Up’ that pressure from the grassroots finally forced PM Joe Clark to make an amazing statement concerning the suppressed Featherbed File. The following excerpts are from a Toronto Star report, 1 December 1979:

The Prime Minister (Clark) said he has no intention of ever making the (Featherbed) file public. ‘Were we to publish that, we would be giving credence to gossip that affects people, some of whom are still in Ottawa, he told a news conference.

Clark’s blunt remarks conflict with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and back-bench MPs in his own party who maintain that the files show direct links between government officials and the Communist party.

Several MPs in the last month have demanded the government review the Taschereau Papers, secret records of a Royal Commission investigation of the 1946 Igor Gouzenko spy case, and check out reports that a ‘fifth man’ in the Anthony Blunt Soviet spy ring in Britain was Canadian.

Accusations also surfaced in Parliament this week that Jean-Louis Gagnon, a member of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, was connected with subversive groups…

The Sunday Star (Toronto), 7 June 1981, published a significant story by reporter John Picton. The first part of his report confirmed much of the Ottawa-based treason I have already mentioned, and then continued:

Lawrence also told the Sunday Star about the time he says he was asked not to check the Trudeau files.

He said he was approached ‘early on in the game’ (meaning Clark’s term of office) by a man who’d been appointed as custodian of Trudeau’s cabinet documents.

Under a so-called ‘convention,’ leaders of incoming governments traditionally have signed an agreement not to delve into cabinet papers of an outgoing administration.

Tory leader Joe Clark signed such an agreement – drawn tip by Trudeau’s office – the night before he was sworn in as prime minister.

Before signing, Clark wanted to consult Lawrence since he was appointing him solicitor-general, but couldn’t find him (‘I don’t know why he couldn’t find me’).

Some Tory MPs – Lawrence among them – think that was a mistake because the agreement, they allege, went much farther than any previous pact and effectively locked away many more papers than just cabinet documents.

(Tory MP Tom Cossitt describes the signing as ‘a grave error’).

‘He (the custodian) asked me specifically not to request documents relating to Trudeau’s personal life,’ Lawrence said. He said the RCMP had them, like past history associations.

‘They related to security questions about Trudeau himself in his younger days,’ when Trudeau was a world traveller.

The custodian – named by Lawrence but unavailable for comment -‘was obviously perturbed about he availability to me of these documents, and he indicated to me it would be a blow below the belt if I started looking at those.’

Lawrence wouldn’t say if he did look at them.

…. Cossitt (the Tory MP) also says that one of Trudeau’s last acts as prime minister in 1979, before handing over office to Clark, was to sign an order-in-council preventing the McDonald commission into RCMP wrongdoing from seeing certain cabinet documents without his permission.

The agreement Clark signed ensured that the order would stand.

But, says Lawrence, that agreement covered far more than cabinet documents. As solicitor-general he’d tried to see documents relating to the 35-year-old Gouzenko spy case dealing with a Soviet espionage ring.

Civil servants wouldn’t show them to him because of a previous order from Trudeau’s office.

When Lawrence asked officials why certain ‘security breaches’ weren’t prosecuted, he was told that was the policy of the day. The reasons for that policy were locked away in cabinet papers.

‘I was given reports on what happened, but not on the reasons for the government decisions on why they didn’t prosecute. Canadian governments have hushed up all sorts of things.’

Lawrence added: ‘One of the weird aspects of this is that we can see more about our affairs in other countries than we can see in Canada.’

So much for the Star report which confirms three decades of warnings by Canadian Intelligence publications that treason has been riding high in Ottawa. It also confirms the fact that Joe Clark was so politically immature that Old Machiavelli, before handing over the keys to him for a brief interlude in 1979, tricked young Joe into actually covering up the Featherbed File scandal and thus unwittingly becoming himself a party to treason.

It was, as Mr. Lawrence implies, the civil servants, still under the former PM’s ‘orders,’who called the tune, not the ministers in the Clark Government!


The Edmonton Journal (30 March 1981) concluded an article on Lester Pearson’s cover-up for Soviet spy John Watkins:

A remaining question is why Pearson and the Liberal hierarchy decided to cover up for Watkins.

Was it simply because Pearson and Watkins were huge personal friends?’

If so, this meant that Pearson’s own priorities came ahead of those of Canadians in general would lead to many more exposures and create shattering embarrassment for the Liberal bureaucracy?’

E. D. Ward-Harris, Editor of the Victoria Times-Colonist, reviewing Chapman Pincher’s remarkable book, Their Trade is Treachery, in the 30 May 1981 issue, says that the mind ‘boggles’ at the extent of Soviet penetration in high government circles, and adds: ‘Why, after reading this book it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that some Western president or prime minister had been recruited by the KGB in his youth and was taking his orders from Moscow Centre through a handy controller. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.’

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The Communist Parasite

Dedicated especially to Pierre Elliott Trudeau and other so-called “Liberals”, but written with the Socialists in mind in the Côte-des-Neiges area.

The Communist (Leftist) is a parasite.

Convinced of his own superiority, the Communist (Leftist) is like a narcissistic young Stalin, determined to destroy anyone who does not reflect back to him the perfect image of his own illusion of his own superiority.

The Communist parasite produces nothing. He does not increase the Gross National Product: he steals it. He busies himself collecting or appropriating the property of others, earned by others in the course of their real labor which has created real value; but he, himself creates no value.

Your Communist Benefactor

Your Communist Benefactor

He cleverly secretes himself into “charitable” organizations and “friendly” societies where he siphons off the Gross National Product of the People through direct and indirect means: on the one hand, he pays no taxes to run his “charitable” business: your Government supports him; you support him.

On the other hand, he taxes you by demanding your “charity” so that gathering to himself all you have earned, and all you have created — for him to hoard and “redistribute” as he, and he alone sees fit — he can then call himself Society’s Benefactor.

The image and the power of the Communist (Leftist) are entirely based on what he takes or is able to con from others. For, he, himself, is a useless slug, intoxicated by the stench of rot arising all around him from the holes he bores through decent, normal society. He insists that you are mentally ill if you refuse to recognize his putrid smell as the perfume of his own superiority. You must ennoble and elevate his all-pervading Transcdendent Parasitism.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite takes from others and he redistributes: he does nothing less, and no more. And for this act of appropriation, and most frequently of misappropriation — which in his ideal state rises to his own Totalitarianism — he therefore orders, demands, and compels your adoration. He demands moreover that you, the People, confuse licence with Liberty on the one hand, and slavery with Liberty on the other: his license, your slavery.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is his own religion; he is your religion. He is all relative things to all confused and befuddled People. He is the Narcissistic Maladjusted Worm, living off you, your sisters and your brothers, and making you thank him for it. All hail the Worm!

Communism – Leftism – is a mental illness with its own political movement. Consistent with its own illegitimacy, it often rises to violence: both open violence and secret violence. When in power, this parasitic terror declares all normal mental and emotional activity to be a mental illness; he condemns it, to elevate his own universal sickness to the status of normality. He covers himself in Lies. He, himself, is the Absolute Lie.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite, having egotistically taken anything of value earned by others in the course of their real labor, “redistributes” it in tiny dosages, for which his beneficiaries must get down on their knees in gratitude. Except for himself, of course, who takes the largest dose off the top, and which he measures out to himself at his own discretion: a salary and benefits and a fine house, and anything he can steal from the donations of the People, rationalizing his thefts in the light of his own Great Superiority.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is without equal (which is ironic). He is The Prince. He is the Great Machiavelli. He rewards himself for his unparalleled Machiavellian generosity in earning absolutely nothing, while thieving from others, and while deigning to give to you just enough of what he has stolen, to keep you breathing and him on top.

The narcissistic Communist (Leftist) gives himself a fine house which he hasn’t earned, and where he fornicates hedonistically with all comers in all orifices to flatter himself for his own generosity in redistributing what he has stolen or conned from others. His good name (while he is still embedded in the provisional society he is working to destroy — because, he, himself being useless, has supreme contempt for anyone and anything that is useful —) proceeds entirely from the false image that he gives himself of “Social Benefactor”.

The Communist, being a narcissist who denies the validity of the views of others — that is, of those who have produced what he steals and whose society and culture he is bent upon destroying — is manically compelled to brutally defend his narcissism as normality against the normal standards of the hard-working people who are his victims.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is sly: he preaches “tolerance” for “the views of others” (he means his own views), but, he, himself, is supremely intolerant of your views unless they conform to his views.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite alters the dictionary. Words no longer mean what they are supposed to mean. Sense is now non-sense. Real sense becomes inconceivable. He thus alters the fundamental tools of logic and baffles the ability to reason, and thus to oust him.

The Communist (Leftist) is a pervert and a hedonist, who to defend his own perversion and his own hedonism, feels compelled to attack the healthy normalcy of others by labelling it abnormal. He must remould the world in his godly image of perversity and hedonism which knows no limits, to make his own perversion thus appear normal. He replaces Liberty with licentiousness. He replaces Freedom with slavery. He erects Worm Rights Tribunals to impose the slavery and to condemn the real independence and the true Liberty of the People.

The Communist is a parasite and a destroyer of all social standards of hard work, decency and self-reliance that might keep him from becoming the Ultimate Parasite: The Worm Who Rules The World.

He is not merely a symbol of decay, he is decay. He has the worm’s instinctive drive towards infiltration, and in all the holes he bores through decent, moral and ethical society, he leaves behind his rot and corruption.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite hates the Law, for true Law is made by the People through their elected representatives whom they may dismiss at will for perverting the Common Good to their own ends, or for Corruption. But Corruption and the self-serving perversion of the Common Good are the entire Being of the Communist. In his Universe, he is Everything; and without him, you are nothingness.

The Communist parasite hates the Rule of Law. He supremely hates all Constitutions, which are the Supreme Law of the People. Being a narcissist, he can respect no law but his own, which is arbitrary, flagrant and organized debauchery and corruption. He can tolerate no Parliament but the parliament of himself.

Thus, for the Communist parasite, the Law, too, must be infiltrated and perverted against the People to compel them through facetious “Human” (Worm Rights Tribunals) to worship the Worm and his theft and his hedonism, and to hand over damages to him, if they fail to worship his Worm regime.

Thus, the Communist (Leftist) parasite destroys the real Rule of Law and the Constitution, which he replaces with Social Engineering. To do this, he buys or corrupts the politicians and the Judges, or better yet, he lies his own way into office under false oaths where he then chronically deceives the People, while convincing them — as usual — that he, and he alone is their Social Benefactor. He invades all the Parties; he perverts them to his own Leftist, parasitic ends. He does this, he tells himself, for the “Benefit” of the People, which the People themselves are too stupid to know.

He exploits his stolen office to promote real Worms to be the Judges of the People. He, who is now the Executive Worm, orders his Worm Judges to pervert and preferably to replace the real Constitution of the People by twisting and turning the real Rule of Law into worm convolutions until it is no longer the Law, but has the name of Law, and thus can be imposed upon the People. Worm Law thus becomes a parasitic mimicry of real Law, which his Worm Judges now impose as “supreme law” upon The Worm’s poor, befuddled, oppressed and beleaguered victims, the People.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is a fraud and a sham whose excesses know no limitation. He is Absolute Fraud. He is an Absolute Sham, whose only occupation is self-absorption. His only religion, to which he must bend all inferiors at all cost — that is, their cost, is his adoration.

Refuse to worship The Worm at your own peril! For he is the Conqueror Worm, the Killer Worm, the Sneak Worm, who in battalion with his sly Worm Compatriots, seeks to destroy all who in his judgment, and his alone — he being perfect and above all Law — must be slyly stalked, harassed, defamed and intolerated, and ulimately disposed of, by his cunning system of destruction of the Truth, and of Decency, and of normal light-of-day operations. For, the People must never be allowed to see what he is really up to, while he spirits away his “enemies” — those who are onto him and who know him — into his Dark Boundless Hole.

The Communist (Leftist) parasite is not only in the hole, he is the hole. He is the Dark Hole. He is the Alpha and Omega of unending Darkness. He is the Devil Saviour of his victims, the People. And in his Hole, which he both is and occupies, the shadows are Light, Truth is deception, sedition is Right, and Freedom and all its mechanisms — which are dangerous to his own unilateral imposition of his own unilteral and sly, totalitarian decay — are evaded, invaded and overthrown.

He alone says who lives, who dies; he alone kills, he alone gives life.

Throw the Worm Out! Depose the Sly Conqueror Worm! He is the self-serving, lying two-faced enemy of the People whose interests he pretends to serve while serving none but his own. He is the Universal Ultimate Criminal.

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American WORM Union
Montreal, Friday, 11 May 2012

Soviet Espionage: FBI File on Lester (Mike) Pearson

Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley
Former GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) spymaster.

21 December 2019.  See the update at the end of this article.



(Actual FBI file extract is embedded below.)

FBI Memo About Lester Pearson

September 8, 1951

Mr. A. H. Belmont

Mr. C. E. Hennrich

Michael Pearson:


To recommend that the answers to the State Department’s questions concerning the information made available by Elizabeth Bentley on Lester Pearson, highly placed Canadian government official, by [be] forwarded to the State Department. To recommend that additional information made available by Bentley regarding Lester Pearson be forwarded to the Department of Justice and to Inspector Bayfield of the RCMP.


Elizabeth Bentley was interviewed by agents of the New York Office on August 17, 1951, at which time she related that she recently had been a witness before the McCarran Committee and had answered questions placed by the Committee concerning Lester Pearson. On interview Bentley provided as much as she could recall of the testimony that she gave on August 14, 1951 to the McCarran Committee. In effect she stated that in 1943 and 1944 Pearson, then an official of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, made information available to Bentley through an intermediary. Pearson allegedly gave information of a political nature.

The intermediary was not identified in the communications sent to the Department of State, the Department of Justice, or Inspector Bayfield under date of August 27, 1951. Elizabeth Bentley identified the intermediary as Hazen Size, member of the Canadian Film Board in Washington, D. C.

By teletype dated September 5, 1951, New York advised that on reinterview on that date Bentley was unable to state in what manner Size obtained the information concerning top level British policy and political matters from Pearson. She did not know whether Pearson provided such information voluntarily to Size knowing that it was going to be given to an unauthorized party. Bentley restated that Pearson and Size were very friendly in Canada and were connected with left wing circles in that country. She advised that she was only guessing but that she was of the opinion that Pearson either knew that the information made available by him was being given to an unauthorized person or that he simply was stupid.

[Approximately 18 lines deleted under United States Freedom of Information Act.]


Answers to the above questions obtained during the interviews of Bentley are set out as follows:

1. Bentley identified the intermediary who passed information from Pearson to her as Hazen Size, member of the Canadian Film Board in Washington, D. C. Bentley on interview on September 5, 1951, told New York agents that she was only guessing but that she was of the opinion that Pearson either knew that the information made available by him was being given to an unauthorized person or that he was simply stupid.

2. By confidential memorandum dated August 27, 1951, Inspector Bayfield of the RCMP was advised of the identical information provided to the Department of State and the Department of Justice under letters of that date.

3. Bentley provided the information attributed to her to agents of the New York Office on August 17, 1951, and on September 5, 1951.


It is recommended that this information requested by the State Department through Liaison be forwarded to them together with the information provided by Bentley on reinterview. In view of the additional information provided by Bentley on reinterview it is recommended that this information be forwarded to the Department of Justice and to Inspector Bayfield.


For your approval are attached letters to the Department of State, the Department of Justice and a memorandum for Inspector Bayfield.


Source: Unknown, FBI Memo About Lester Pearson, The Education and Research Institute, Silvermaster File Online,, (September 8, 1951)

A free PDF copy of Pearson’s FBI spy file may be downloaded here:

Lester B. Pearson, Soviet Espionage (File Description: HQ, Pearson L.; Subject: Silvermaster; File No. 65-56402; Vol. No. 151; Serials 3897-3945) Excerpt (1951)

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UPDATE!21 December 2019.

Source:  “Inside Canada – Traitors in Ottawa by Pierre Beaudry”, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) February 21, 1984. Volume 11, No. 7.

Red Agent Mike (Lester Bowles Pearson)

Red Agent Mike (Lester Bowles Pearson)

A quick update.  This little tidbit identifies the role that Lester Pearson had occupied before he was outed to the U.S. McCarran commission and the FBI as a Soviet agent.  We are familiar with the names, but this is a little underscore by the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which states:

“When Pearson was appointed first counselor to the Canadian Legation in Washington during the 1940s, he was identified by Elizabeth Bentley, former secretary of the Communist Party USA and a courier for the Soviet Embassy, as a ‘very good source of information.’”

EIR continues:

“It was in Washington at that time that Pearson had his first contacts with KGB agent Kim Phibly, who was then attache at the British Embassy.  During World War II, according to an FBI transcript of Bentley’s testimony,  Pearson gave detailed information on top-secret deliberations of western Allied powers to a Soviet agent named Hazen Sise [sic], later working for the National Capital Commission in Ottawa.”

The full article, entitled “Traitors in Ottawa“, is online at the AntiCommunist Archive.

– 30 –